The latest Joe Rogan scandal – Random Thoughts #8

February 12, 2022

Hey all!

Just one random thought today…

Here it is: the new Joe Rogan controversy is just moronic.

Legacy media… remember them?

The ones who spent all that time selling the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” narrative in order to get public support for the invasion of Iraq… Well, now they’re worried about “dangerous misinformation”.

What does “dangerous” mean, exactly?

Well, let’s see… the Iraq war got between 100,000 and something over 1 million people killed, depending on who you ask. The estimates vary widely. (Did they die of the Iraq War, or did they die with the Iraq War? Or is it not important?)

In any case, without the media having George W’s back, he never would have been able to get his little pet project off the ground. But the media got on board, and lots of people died.

So I guess they know a bit about how deadly some misinformation can be. Hypocrites.

Cows want Joe Rogan cancelled for advocating the Carnivore Diet. Or so I’ve heard.

Now, apparently, they’re pissed that someone wants to interview experts who have an opinion that differs from the standard, government-approved narrative.

(And when I say “someone”, I mean someone who has 10x more audience than anyone in the mainstream. I guess their fragile little Columbia-school-of-journalism egos are hurt or something.)

Legacy media, lick my left one!

I’m old enough to remember things like the Food Pyramid (a total scam), the “Russian Collusion” hoax and, I don’t know, the fact that all the government-approved “experts” on Covid-19 have been flip-flopping every two weeks about what’s true and what’s not…

So I’m a little bit suspicious when someone claims that their experts and only their experts have some sort of monopoly on the truth.

(Remember when they claimed it was just going to be two weeks to flatten the curve? I sure do. I remember it like it was approximately 102 weeks ago! What about when they said that if you got the vaccine, you wouldn’t get Covid? That was more recent. And also not true. But hey… “experts”.)

On the other hand, if legacy media had a single shred of credibility left, they wouldn’t have to worry about Joe Rogan at all. He is, after all, a comedian who gets high and talks about aliens.

I’m pretty sure the Food Pyramid was built by aliens. Really stupid aliens. Follow my podcast for more hot takes.

Too bad, then, that the media have no credibility anymore, except among the brainwashed neo-Marxist crowd. You know, the champagne socialists. The people who need to check in with Don Lemon and Steven Colbert to see which luxury beliefs are popular this week.

(I should mention that I’m not a huge Rogan fan, but if I listen to 4 episodes a year, at 3 hours each, that’s approximately infinity percent more time than I spend on CNN.)

Anyway, I’ve been sick of the old-school gatekeepers for a long time. See Big Publishing, Kiss Your Ass Goodbye for more about that.

Also, I’ve got a couple of podcasts on Spotify, if you’d like to take a listen. Here’s Aprende Más Inglés, and here’s Spain to Go.

In conclusion, or something similar…

The whole thing makes me think, though.

It’s funny, the way the government and media rush to defend big pharma.

It’s almost like the pharma companies are, I don’t know, spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year on lobbying and advertising, and the people who get that money would rather cash more checks than tell the truth about public health.

About the bit where Rogan’s apparently used racial slurs, well…

It seems a bit tacked on, after the fact. Are these people rallying against misinformation, or are they trying to do a hit job on the guy’s reputation with a mashup video of every stupid thing he’s ever said?

And as far as I know he was reading from Huckleberry Finn or something. There’s absolutely no context in the clip I’ve seen, and like I said, I don’t spend a lot of time on Rogan’s podcast.

So without context, I’m just going to assume he’s quoting from great American literature of the 19th century, or, you know, one of the half billion rap songs that use such words liberally.

And you could say that he shouldn’t do so. But whatever. It seems like a completely different point than the one about “dangerous misinformation”.

In any case, cancel culture probably seems fun when you’re the one doing the cancelling. And it probably seems like you’re a “good person” who’s “doing the right thing” by being outraged at some big scary comedian and his podcast.

Just wait until you’re the one being cancelled for something dumb you said 10 years ago – or something that was commonly believed in the past, but has recently become unfashionable.

Cancel culture’s probably less fun, at that point.

Oh well. As usual, just my two cents.

Have fun out there, kids!

And remember: don’t feed the cancel mobs. ‘Cause ya just might be the next one getting cancelled.

Thoughtfully yours,

Mr Chorizo.

P.S. What’s your favorite bit of dangerous misinformation that the mainstream media pretended was 100% true? I really liked the food pyramid, back in the day. And all those “low-fat” cookies and such that became popular. That certainly affected public health in some way… but it’s okay, because at least the “experts” had full control of the narrative. Those, indeed, were the good old days.

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  1. Hey Daniel,

    Cancel the Cancellers! I have taken to stop utilizing corporations that bend to the whims of these short sighted judges and juries. I look forward too the day that the fossil fuels that support the grid run out and we can get some peace and quiet. Not that I’ll live to see it…but someone might.

    All that being said, I must get down to business. My wife and I are flying to Madrid in May. Our plan is to stay a few days in Toledo before we go to Madrid. We visited Madrid in 2020 but we took a train from Barcelona. I was wondering if there is any advice on the best way to get into the city from Barajas airport? We aren’t renting a car. Taxi, bus or train? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Mike, if you’re not particularly price conscious, then taxi is the best. For around 30€ you should be able to get anywhere in Madrid capital (I think there’s even a flat rate now, but I’m not quite sure). If you’re worried about the price you can take metro line 8 or the suburban train (cercanías) which goes to Nuevos Ministerios and other central locations. I guess it depends on where you’re going and how much you want to pay… after I moved to the north of Madrid (Barajas side) I just always took taxis. Have fun in the city!

  2. One of the funniest bits of misinformation I recall in recent times was the Brexit bus and its claims that Brexit would save 350 million quid a week, which could all be given to the NHS.
    I wonder where that bus is now.

    Speaking of cancel culture. If every misstep I had made in the last 40 years came to light, I would be cancelled more often than a Movistar contract.

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