Why you should TOTALLY go to a Real Madrid match – and how to get tickets

February 13, 2017

Want to go to a Real Madrid match?

Okay, let’t talk about it…

See, last week I published a guest-post article about why going to a match isn’t worth it.

It ruffled some feathers out there on the internet, and in the interest of fair play I figured I’d let someone else tell the other side of the story.

So another guy named Nick (this time from Ireland) offered to write a response.

Nick describes himself: I’m am English teacher, with a keen interest in the sciences and philosophy. I have little time for fiction and too much time for football.

You can send him a message on Facebook if you’re so inclined.

Without further ado, here’s Nick.

(Right after the obligatory SEO-optimized subheading, that is.)


Is going to a Real Madrid match worth it?

Actually, it’s totally worth it.

Whether you are a passionate football fan, a casual follower or just a curious by-stander, going to a Real Madrid match is truly a worthwhile experience.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to purchasing tickets, pre-game preparations and why going to the world’s most famous football club is totally worth it.

Here’s why…

Why you should go to a Real Madrid match

Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Zinedine Zidane. (Update: insert names of current footballers here.)

These people are football superstars that very few people can claim to witness in action in real life (and no, Fifa does not count).

The Real Madrid team are known as “Los Galácticos” for a reason, they are in a world of their own. They have some of the worlds greatest players, a coach who is a football icon, and a unique 81,000 seater stadium.

They play an expressive and attacking brand of football that boasts skill, touch and precision.

Real Madrid fans are passionate as they are demanding. They are Europe’s most successful football club – having accumulated more trophies than any other club, therefore fans expect them to win every game.

So if you decide to go, be prepared for a mixture of fury, fanaticism and footballing love.

Fans will sing, hug and roar their team on if all is well, but if not, they will whistle, jeer and wave their white handkerchiefs disapprovingly in the air.

In short, they live football and have now qualms about expressing it. The Bernabéu is an experience that should not be passed up on.

Where to buy tickets for Real Madrid matches

There are only two websites that should be trusted when buying Real Madrid tickets, RealMadrid.com or TicketMaster.es.

These websites sell the tickets at their official price.

Other websites will add on fees or simply double ticket prices.

But despite being the world’s most famous football team, Real Madrid tickets are not as expensive as one may think.

Ticket prices are based on several factors; the opposition, the competition, and the importance of the game. So, if you want to go see Real Madrid against Celta Vigo in a league game, tickets start at €35-40.

If you want to go to a match against a famous team such as Barcelona or Atlético de Madrid, then tickets would start at around €50-60.

why you should go to a real madrid match
Photo of a Real Madrid match by Nick Hogan.

This year there were tickets available for the Copa del Rey at a starting price of €12, granted, it was against a weaker opponent. The most expensive tickets are undoubtedly champions league tickets. This is Europe’s largest competition and consists of the best teams in Europe.

Group stage tickets can vary depending on the level of the opponent. For example, tickets started at €50 against Borrusia Dortmund, and in games of greater importance such as the last sixteen or the quarter finals they can begin at €65-70.

Despite the price tag, European games at the Santiago Bernabéu are special and a must see.

Ticket availability for Real Madrid matches

In Spain, La Liga tickets go on sale just over a week before the confirmed date, generally on a Monday morning at ten o’clock. Champions league tickets are available 2-3 weeks before the confirmed date.

Now, do not be alarmed if you enter the website and there are no tickets available or the tickets you want are not available.

Real Madrid has thousands of season ticket holders and these people decide during the week whether to go to the game or to make their tickets available to the public.

Be patient, search regularly and you should find your tickets.

However, it is important to note that important games such as El Clásico are extremely difficult to go to as there is high demand.

What happens if you cannot get tickets?

There is an option that carries risks, however these risks can also be evaded. Almost inevitably there will be people selling (scalping) tickets outside of the stadium on the day of the game, some possess genuine tickets while others do not.

So how do you avoid being scammed?


If you decide to approach someone that claims to be selling a ticket you should first inquire how much the ticket is and in what section.

Then, if you are still interested, accompany the seller to the turnstile and have them scan the ticket. If it flashes green and goes through then success!

If the seller does not want to scan the ticket then avoid them like the plague.

Also note: if you buy your tickets on your mobile they can be then downloaded onto your mobile.

Where to sit in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

The stadium tends to offer great views regardless of where you are sitting , however the higher up you are then the farther away you are, naturally.

It all depends on how much you are willing to spend and whether you are short/far sighted! I would personally recommend sitting somewhere in the lower sections, but not pitch side, unless your only aim is to touch Ronaldo.

However, regardless of where you sit, you will not be obstructed by any fan or any structural flaw.

Outside Santiago Bernabéu stadium madrid spain
At any time of day, there are people visiting Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Whole tour buses full of people. Photo by Daniel Welsch.

And finally…

No alcohol no fun.

Yes, it is true. There are no alcoholic beverages sold inside the stadium. Do not fret, however – there are other options available. Bernabéu Stadium is located in the city and is surround by a wealth of bars and restaurants.

Such places are always full prior to the match and provide an exciting build up to the game as you brush shoulders with fellow supporters.

Walk into the bar wearing a newly bought Madrid scarf sold along Paseo de la Castellana and you become one of them.

En fin… to go or not to go to a Real Madrid match?

Going to a Real Madrid match is an experience worth investing in. I challenge anybody that was not impressed when they entered the stadium and heard the buzz of the crowd.

You will be entertained by world class players in an iconic stadium at a reasonable price. Bring your bag of pipas, wear the scarf and enjoy ninety minutes of being a part of Los Blancos.

The End.

Well, I’ve got nothing more to add here. Thanks to Nick for writing… And thanks to YOU for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Leave me a comment if you go to a match.


Mr Chorizo.

P.S. I’m happy to publish guest posts from basically whoever – if you have some sort of commercial interest, you might have to pay me. But if you just want to write something fun, interesting and / or useful about life in Madrid and Spain, let me know.

P.P.S. Lots more good stuff here on the blog: Sex in Spain, Cultural differences between Spain and the US, and 4 things I hate about Spain. Have fun!

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    I’m coming to madrid for the super copa (classico) on 15/16 august. I cannot find any tickets at the sites you mention.
    Should i wait or should i buy some of the overpriced ticket.
    Or buy at location when i arrive..

    Kind regards

    1. Hey Johathan, I really have no idea. That’s a guest post by someone else. If you find a Facebook group called Madrid Expats I’m sure somebody there would have better information. Thanks!

  2. Saying that those are the only two trustworthy sites is not true. Stubhub is a great alternative and backs their tickets 100% and also offers electronic ticktets, making them easy to download to your device. I go to a LOT of events and so I have used Stubhub for at least a decade. I’ve had issues with tickets twice, both resolved by Stubhub. One person sold me tickets (hard tickets) that were supposed to be mailed to me but took my money and never sent them. Stubhub quickly sent me new ticktets. The second time, I had an electronic ticket, showed up at the venue and either the same ticket had already been scanned or it just didn’t work, I can’t remember. Called stubhub and they had (and I think always have) some tickets set aside at the box office and mine was replaced, no questions asked. I’m looking at today’s match and the prices start at 33 Euros. Not sure what face value is but that seems reasonable.

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