I’m Outta Here! An American’s Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe

January 4, 2024

Hey y’all.

It’s election year, again.

Good time to mention that my friend Cepee has a new ebook about living in Europe, and if (like many) you’re thinking about getting out of the USA for a while, you should definitely check it out.

I’ve known Cepee for several years, and she’s knows what’s up.

And, of course, I may be biased, but I definitely think you should try life in Europe.

In my case, moving to Spain is one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life.

I arrived in Madrid back in 2004 with only a tourist visa. After that expired, I just hung out for a while and hoped for the best.

I was young and stupid enough to think that was an okay “life plan”, at the time. And eventually, it worked out, through no fault of my own.

But with Cepee’s guide, you can do better. Move abroad legally, and soon!

An American’s Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe

So, without further ado, here’s a guest post (with occasional affiliate links) from Cepee…

I’m Outta Here!

Hey everyone, it’s my new book…

It’s called I’m Outta Here! An American’s Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe… and it helps U.S. citizens who want to move to Europe, but feel completely lost, frustrated, or stuck with their visa options.

In just 23 chapters you’ll get clear on the best and easiest long-term visa options for Europe.

Many U.S. citizens assume that moving to Europe either is either too hard or impossible because they aren’t citizens of a European country and can’t get a visa that allows them to live there – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While it’s true some European countries don’t offer many viable options, in this guide you’ll find information on the 16 countries that offer visa options that will allow you to live abroad, soak up different cultures, and travel freely through Europe!

And I break down these options for you – and their requirements – so you can finally figure out which visa is best for you without all of the confusion and overwhelm.

I cover favorites like Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands as well as hidden gems such as Poland, Georgia, Estonia, and nine other countries in between!

You’ll find over 50 viable visas to make your dream of living abroad a reality AND you’ll get a full breakdown of 34 popular expat cities in each of the key 16 countries, and what kind of living experience each city brings, including:

  • The cost of living you can expect in each city.
  • Languages you’ll have the opportunity to brush up on or learn, as well as if you’ll be met by an English speaking community & population.
  • How to meet people, make friends, and adapt to the social scene.
  • What kind of climate each one has so you can pick your preference.
  • The need-to-know about travel and transportation in each city .
  • And, last but not least, safety.

All of this information is compiled from over two decades of research, going through the process myself, and helping others start a life of travel and relocation.

Here’s some more about Cepee…

Cepee is from Houston, Texas and has been traveling abroad for over 20 years.

In 2015 she finally made the move to Madrid, Spain.

After realizing how powerful relocating is, and how much support people need due to the lack of reliable resources out there, she launched She Hit Refresh with her business partner Annette, where they help women hit refresh on their lives through travel.

She’s been in your shoes before, staring at the screen frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be any option that’s actually doable for your European dream. But she made it through that, and has helped many others.

Once again, here’s the link to the book: I’m Outta Here!

That’s all I’ve got for today.

But really, buy the book.


Mr Daniel AKA Mr Chorizo.

P.S. Lots to talk about this week. I’ll have a new post of my own up here, very soon. Stay tuned…

P.P.S. Cepee’s guide is for all over Europe… For something more Spain-specific, check out my article on working in Spain. Or if you prefer, I’ve got some thoughts on Spain’s new Digital Nomad Visa. Enjoy!

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