Spanish Classes in Madrid with Spaneasy – right in Puerta del Sol!

March 15, 2018

Looking for Spanish classes in Madrid?

Have I got the place for you…

The nice folks at Spaneasy language school recently invited me out to try some of their classes, and I have to say I was impressed.

This new Spanish school right in the center of Madrid – it’s on the same block as the Apple store in Puerta del Sol – has modern facilities and a friendly young staff…

All in all, it’s a lot better than some of the places I worked at back in the day.

On arriving at Spaneasy, I was whisked by a stylish secretary into a classroom with a big screen TV on one wall… everything was chilled out and modern and clean.

And as the students started arriving we discovered that two of them were avid readers of this blog… Online fame and fortune here I come!

The group was young, international and friendly, which always helps.

A few minutes later, our teacher arrived.

David was young and friendly too. And Spanish classes have become more modern since I last took one, apparently.

The Spanish lesson begins…

Within minutes, we were discussing what we have on our respective Tinder profiles, and whether or not Spanish men are too short to be dateworthy.

Answer: sometimes. (Like men of any nationality, I suppose.)

My Tinder profile, it must be said, is inactive these days. Who can compete with all those dudes taking shirtless selfies in front of the bathroom mirror?

I didn’t mention that fact to the class, though… the openness with which millennials talk about online dating is still a bit shocking for this old guy.

spanish courses in Madrid
Spaneasy’s students are very international. Each tiny photo is one of their Spanish students pasted (approximately) where they’re from.

Anyway, the class was focused on conversation, which is good, because I don’t spend a lot of time speaking Spanish these days.

How is it possible to live in Madrid and not speak Spanish?

Good question.

I think it’s because my friends are so international that we just end up using English most of the time.

I speak Spanish with my (admittedly few) Spanish friends, and when I’m out and about in the barrio.

But in my social life we seem to operate mostly in English.

More information about Spanish classes in Madrid at Spaneasy

Here’s a bit more information about the school and the courses they offer…

  • Spanish classes can be daily (intensivo, as they say, and up to 20 hours per week), or you have the option of doing 2 or 3 days a week.
  • Weekend Spanish classes are available, as well as DELE preparation courses and one-to-one tutoring.
  • Material is included in the price – so you don’t have to buy a textbook.
  • Spaneasy also offers courses in Business Spanish, with an emphasis on getting a foothold in the (sometimes difficult) Spanish labor market.
  • The prices seem competitive compared to other Spanish schools in Madrid.
  • The location is great: Calle Alcalá, 4, just half a minute from Puerta del Sol – the same block as the Apple store, as I mentioned before.

You can get in touch and book classes directly through Spaneasy’s website or find them on Facebook here.

class at spaneasy spanish school madrid
International students learning Spanish at Spaneasy in the center of Madrid.

And finally, there’s something else I should mention…

Why you should learn Spanish while you’re in Madrid

Learning Spanish is very important if you really want to feel integrated in Spain.

A lot of people here do speak some English, but they’re probably not the people you’ll be dealing with on a daily basis.

And while you technically can find an English-speaking doctor or dentist or hairstylist, they’re still sort of rare…

Why live with that sort of language barrier if you don’t have to?

Make the effort to learn the local language and you’ll be much better off.

I really think you should take Spanish classes while you’re in Madrid. And also go out of your way to meet people.

The Spanish language is huge in the US, and it’s only going to get bigger. Plus, Spanish is one of the top world languages, spoken by nearly half a billion people – which puts it right up there with English and Mandarin on the rankings.

So if you’re here for a few months, by all means take a Spanish course. Don’t waste your time abroad hanging out with people from back home.

And if you’re here longer, it’s even more necessary.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Sponsoredly yours,

Mr Chorizo.

P.S. Spanish classes in Madrid are only one of the things you’ll need if you’re going to be here. Moving to town? For more fun times, check out pros and cons of living in Madrid. And also, some of our most overrated tourist traps which you can safely avoid. And if you’re looking for something else to do, check out fitness in Retiro. Have fun!

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  1. How long did it take you to learn Spanish? I would also want to make friends prior to my visit in June next year. Most online sites are inclined to dating.

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