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May 11, 2020

So here’s a local business that’s ready to help you relocate to Madrid – you know, when things like that start happening again.

Julia reached out to me the other day, and has been kind enough to write a guest post about her relocation company.

Fun fact, I only found out about the existence of relocation companies a few months ago. When I moved to Madrid in 2004, my whole strategy was “buy a plane ticket and hope for the best”.

relocation services madrid
Plaza de la Villa, Madrid.

Having an agency deal with stuff sounds easier.

Anyway, here’s Julia…

Life in the Move Relocation Services, Madrid

Nobody knows today when moving to another city in a different country will be possible again, or even when we’ll be able to travel.

I have absolutely no clue.

But what I am sure of is that Lifeinthemove is perfectly ready as of now to resume working with all the freelance expats that were planning to move to Madrid… and still feel like coming for at least 1 year.

Are you struggling with the huge amount of info available on the internet? Confused? Don’t know who to trust?

Our digital guide to relocation to Madrid with all the relevant, trustworthy and organized info gathered in one place regarding housing, paperwork and schools will allow expats to prepare and be able to make confident decisions and save time and money when time comes.

Here’s more info about the guide.

Housing in Madrid, Schools, Paperwork and more

The digital relocation guide contains…

HOUSING: details the essential points for searching and finding rentals: the ideal time to start the search and meet deadlines, which Real Estate portals are the most popular ones and tricks to optimize results, the areas of Madrid, type of housing and rentals price range in those areas, even the legal bases of the rental agreement and a template lease.

SCHOOLS: provides an overview of the educational system in Spain and data on all international private schools in Madrid. It also indicates how to obtain information from all public and charter schools, the access requirements for each type of school and the necessary documents from the student’s country of origin.

PAPERWORK: describes the steps and directions to carry out the essential paperwork to complete your relocation to Madrid, once the work and/or residence permits are already in force.

And, of course, with our relocation services we’ll be able to accompany and provide a personal plan for each client following the new health recommendations as soon as they’re ready to land.

Stay safe, stay well.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Madrid.

Here’s a little more info from Daniel…

I’ve got a bit more info about the cost of living in Madrid if you want.

And some experiences with Spanish lawyers.

And some other local businesses that could probably use your help in these trying times.

Nada más. Have fun out there.



P.S. Here in Barcelona, things seem to be picking up. A few shops are opening. A few more restaurants are doing takeaway. The vibe is much better. Let’s all hope things continue like this… Now, wherever you are, go support some local businesses!

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