New Orleans Cuisine in Madrid at Trikki in Chamberí

November 2, 2017

Looking for authentic New Orleans Cuisine in Madrid?

Don’t worry.

Trikki’s got you covered.

I was recently invited to have some Po’ Boys and more at Madrid’s best New Orleans-style restaurant – and after dessert I practically had to roll myself home.

As usual, I’m not a food writer –  I just enjoy stuffing my face.

But here’s everything you need to know about Trikki…

New Orleans Cuisine in Madrid

They’ve only been in town for about a year, but the folks at Trikki are making the best New Orleans Cuisine in Madrid.

The owner, Yuliette, is from New Orleans, and her partner Rodolfo is from Venezuela.

Most of the recipes are old favorites from Yuliette’s family – and there are even a couple of Venezuelan dishes on the menu, too.

I went with faithful blogging sidekicks Kusina and Morena, and we had the fried green tomatoes – it turns out they’re an actual food – as well as the the gumbo.

And for a main course, we tried a couple of the Po’ Boys.

The soft-shelled crab Po’ Boy at Trikki. Delicious!

Po’ Boys, for the uninitiated, are a sort of Louisiana sub sandwich. We had the soft-shelled crab and the Jazzy, which had meatballs and melted cheese.

And gumbo is a sort of stew made from okra, rice, chicken, shrimp and sausage.

It’s an unusual combination, but it works – creole cuisine, as far as I can tell, is just based on what’s most abundant in the swampland in the south of Louisiana – shrimp and hogs and chicken.

And finally…

All the metadata you’re dying to read

So here’s the info…

Trikki is at Calle Santa Engracia, 109, between Metro Stops Ríos Rosas and Iglesia.

Their website is and you can call for a reservation: 911 10 58 15. It’s probably better to book a table if it’s a weekend or holiday – it was pretty full when we were there for our holiday lunch.

In addition to the main courses, they’ve got cocktails and some really excellent desserts – bananas foster, white chocolate cheesecake and more.

There’s also a terraza, which is pretty nice when the weather permits it.

All in all, it was a great culinary experience. Highly recommended.

And finally…

Here’s a fun fact I don’t talk about much

I used to live in New Orleans. My attempt at higher education happened there, many moons ago.

It was a pretty sweet city.

Unlike most places in the US, stuff was actually happening. There was a busy downtown, parks, transport – and excellent regional cuisine.

Of course, I was a broke-ass student, and living on campus, so I didn’t have much money to eat said cuisine. It’s something I’ve always regretted.

Just one more reason I’m happy to have New Orleans cuisine in Madrid, finally.

Check out Trikki – and tell ’em Mr Chorizo sent you.


Mr C. AKA Daniel.

P.S. For some of my other faves in Madrid, check out New York Burger and L’Artisan – fine cuisine in Madrid doesn’t have to be limited to squid rings in old man bars. Enjoy!

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