Life Pro Tip #1: STFU about your first-world problems

October 7, 2012

You’ve been there.

You’ve put a cute cat meme up on Facebook and gotten a grand total of zero likes.

You’ve had to wait several minutes longer than expected for public transportation.

You’ve sat in front of the TV for 12 consecutive hours, flipping channels, and finally wailed “AAAAAAHHHHH! There’s nothing good on TV anymore!”

Then, you’ve written long whiny blog posts about it, finally ending with, “Yeah, I know, first world problems, right? But it really hurts when you order a blueberry-filled jelly donut and they accidentally give you raspberry.”

I have a revolutionary solution to your problems. Instead of complaining, about something inane, why don’t you just not complain?

Instead of crying your eyes out over the battery on your iPhone running out just when you were in the middle of a particularly exciting game of Angry Birds (c’mon Apple! I thought your engineers had LIKE REAL ACTUAL COLLEGE DEGREES OR SOMETHING! THIS IS PATHETIC!)  and then saying “I know, I know, first world problems, right? LOL I’m such a pathetic whiny suburbanite!” and then going back to complaining again, how about not complaining in the first place?

The universe will thank you later.

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