Liberals are Annoying

November 21, 2010

I swear. American liberals will find the negative in any situation.

Someday I’m going to innocently tell someone I walked down the street, and they’re going to jump up my ass with some comment like, “Of course, you WALKED DOWN THE STREET LIKE IT’S A PERFECTLY NATURAL THING TO DO. You imperialist pig, you’re forgetting the Kurdish war orphans who don’t have legs to walk down the street… You and your leg-privelege.”

And I’m going to be, like, “Kiss my white male ass! I can’t take Kurdish war orphans into account every time I do something.”

And we’re going to both think we’re right and the other one is wrong. And we’re both going to be irritated, and nothing is going to change.

Oh well.

See also: Is spelling fascist? and Linguistics Pro Tip #1: How to Deal with Extreme Prescriptivists.

Update, 2023: Liberals are still annoying. The End.

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