Just be better – a mini-manifesto and a special announcement

June 9, 2017

This is about as close to a life philosophy as I’ve got.

It describes what goes on in the mind of an online entrepreneur and otherwise unemployable guy like myself.

Not that I’m claiming to be representative of other online guys. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, let’s call it a mini-manifesto.

I call it…

Be better.

Just sold thousands of dollars worth of online courses?


Do pushups, eat steak, drink wine.

Enjoy the feeling now.

Tomorrow you gotta get up and fight the battle again.

You’re only as good as your last product launch.

Number one on Amazon today?

Good work.

Do pushups, eat steak, drink wine.

Tomorrow, somebody else is gonna be #1. And if not tomorrow, the day after.

Gotta keep working, no matter what.

Girlfriend dumped you?

Shit happens.

You’re probably better off anyway.

Do pushups, eat steak, drink wine.

Be better.

You’ll meet another girl. There’s plenty out there.

Someone you love has died?

Sorry to hear that.

It’s time to honor him (or her).

What better way?

Do pushups, eat steak, drink wine.

Be better for them, and be better for you. It’s time to celebrate that you’re still here.

And it’s time to enjoy it. ‘Cause we’ll all be dead soon enough.

At work? On vacation? Day off?

Doesn’t matter.

Do pushups, eat steak, drink wine.

Nothing is as good as you hoped, or as bad as it seems now.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Do pushups. Eat steak. Drink wine.

Life is short, motherfucker.

Okay, so now that’s done with…

My big special announcement!

That was inspired by Ishita over at Globetrotting Cupcake.

She mentioned she was writing an article about eating her feelings in the form of Heartbreak Cake – and I realized that I’ve been doing the same for years, in the form of big fat juicy steaks.

Thanks Ishita.

Now for my big announcement: I’ve got about 24,000 words of an ebook about the Zen of Blogging, and it’s ready to be published.


I just have to do some formatting and come up with a cover, and then you’ll be able to bask in my wisdom.

It’s about 50% stuff that’s here on the blog and 50% new stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.

And it feels so good to be close to publishing a book in English.

Dolla dolla bill, y’all.


P.D. For more brutal honesty, see A Conversation between Body and Soul. And have fun out there, kids. Because today could be the last day of your (or my) life. The last day, or the best day, or the worst day. Even “just another day”. You really never know.

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  1. My father says “When I’m finished, the world is finished”, isn’t it?

    Very definitory of a way of live…

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