Devour Spain’s Online Experiences

October 7, 2020

Hey y’all…

It’s been a weird year for the travel sector, obviously.

And my friends over at Devour Spain are making the most of it by shifting some of their activities online.

I’ve known the people at Devour forever, so I know they do a good job.

Why not check out their online experiences, or their new cookbook of recipes from around Europe?

Read on…

Online experiences from Devour Spain

Spain-based food tour operator Devour Tours has shifted their focus to providing fun, interactive and hands-on online experiences and cooking classes.

Led by their expert guides based across Europe, these experiences range from a paella masterclass to a make-your-own vermouth workshop to a fascinating look at the history of Portugal as told through food.

This month, they’re offering a Spanish Food Lover bundle featuring three Spain-focused online experiences. Book all three together and get €25 off a food tour with Devour the next time you travel.

Devour Spain’s new cookbook

We’ve all been cooking a lot more than usual during social distancing, and if you want to up your game in the kitchen, check out the digital cookbook Devour Tours launched earlier this year.

It’s called Recipes from the Devour Tours Kitchen, and it features 50+ dishes from across Europe, so you can travel through your tastebuds even when you’re stuck at home!

online experiences from devour spain

You can learn how to make tortilla de patatas or croquetas de jamón like a real madrileño, or check out some of their recipes from Barcelona, San Sebastian, Lisbon, Rome and more.

And hey, if you’re travelling these days, they’ve also started doing some of their tours again.

I went on one a few years ago, and it was very recommendable: much fun was had by all, in the Plaza Mayor area of Madrid.

Check out the latest info on tours here: Devour Spain’s current food tours.

That’s about all for today, folks.

Have a good one!


P.S. For more edibles, check out my article about my 10 favorite Spanish foods. Yum!

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