Translation Disasters: The Best in Place Over Cup Special

November 7, 2013

Translation Disasters: The Best in Place Over Cup Special

This bar is on Calle Capitán Haya, in the north of Madrid and two doors down from the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

I have been walking past it for several days and contemplating what they’re trying to express. The best I can come up with is that it’s the best place for mixed drink specials.

The Spanish word “copa” is used either for a literal cup, or for a mixed drink–rum and coke, gin and tonic etcetera.

See also: Don’t Shoot the Translator. And remember, kids. Friends don’t let friends use Google Translate.

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    1. Thanks! As a guy who makes his living from improving people’s English, I find it “fun” in the sense that I know I’ve got a job for a few more decades, at least.

      1. You have a job guarantee for your next twenty lives at least! Every day new pupils are born… or as the Italians say so charmingly: La mamma degli imbicili e sempre incinta. (Is it possible to figure that one out via Spanish?)

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