Ha! I made Andrew Ti admit that something isn’t racist!

May 2, 2012

You all know Andrew Ti, right? The guy from Yo Is This Racist?

He suggested on his blog that there is, perhaps, no legitimate situation in which the word “nappy” can be used in a non-racist manner.

I suggested British English usage of “nappy” as “diaper” as a possible non-racist context.

He hit me back.

Bam! I win the motherfucking game of life! I made Andrew Ti himself admit that something isn’t racist!


Well, anyway, I still kind of win the game of life.

Anyway, Andrew Ti is a pretty witty guy, even if I don’t really see the point in what he’s doing.

He’s also, at times, pretty classy. Check out his response to a semi-literate Beastie Boys fan, for example. Most tumblrites would be like, “Yo, I’m just going to point out how bad your spelling is and we can all pretend it’s a valid counter-argument.” Then they’d mentally congratulate themselves on being literature majors and still be all grammar-buzzed even hours later as they started their shift at their local Starbucks.

P.S. Update: This was a long time ago. But I see that ol’ Andrew is still fixing racism out on his podcast. Good times.

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